Dvorkovich’s Scandalous Campaign

Dvorkovich’s Scandalous Campaign 912 645 FIDE Forward

More than ever before, it is now crystal-clear precisely what is at stake in the upcoming FIDE elections of FIDE on 3rd of October.    Will we have a continuation of…

All federations should be part of our FIDE family

All federations should be part of our FIDE family 4256 2832 FIDE Forward

To: All Chess Federations Dear Mr. Kouatly Thank you very much for your article which addresses the duties of the treasurer and concerns with my person. Unfortunately, your story is…

Dignity Above Money

Dignity Above Money 1200 740 FIDE Forward

Dear chess friends, As the FIDE elections of 3 October are approaching, we are pleased to announce the launch of our “FIDE Forward” campaign website. Together with our social media…

Anatoly Karpov Cup in the Kyrgyz Republic

Anatoly Karpov Cup in the Kyrgyz Republic 1245 848 FIDE Forward

FIDE Deputy President was invited to attend the 1st Anatoly Karpov Chess Cup which was held in Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul region from 28th of June till 8th of July. 76 players…


Desperate attempts of our rivals in #FIDEelections2018 to cover the difference of 50+ votes by seeking to "buy dreams" (sic). We have faced similar illegal incidents in past elections and dealt with them swiftly and decisively. Same will be this year. #FIDEelections #FIDEForward

Goran Urosevic@goranurosevic

Emissaries of Dvorkovich visited Belgrade, insisted #SRB delegate not to attend the meeting. #RUS companies offering sponsorship to #SRB chess fed, talked of 40k EUR before election, 220k EUR for 4yrs. Week later delegate changed without fed Board consent

The statements of @Advorkovich are "at direct variance with the evidence from Israel, Uruguay and Brazil, and the numerous reports that Russian government resources and embassies are being used to influence the election."

@Echecs64 @FIDE_chess @nigelshortchess @MarkTWIC @ffechecs @IDFechecs Kouatly is propagating the lie put about by @advorkovich that federations have been threatened with loss of voting rights if they are in debt. This has been refuted several times by FIDE and Adrian Siegel in particular. Fausses nouvelles, fake news, I prefer simply lies

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