Africa resists, Short can’t!

Africa resists, Short can’t!

Africa resists, Short can’t! 1600 777 FIDE Forward

Africa resists! 

The new trip of Mr. Makropoulos in Africa was met with great success once again, this time in Senegal, where representatives from 16 federations where invited and 14 attended.

The chess world in Africa seems to be courageously resisting to the powerful political pressures and gives a fight along with FIDE Forward for an Africa which will be politically independent and where the Presidents and Delegates of the Federations will not become servants of any “saviour” who promises mythical funding of hundreds of thousands of euros, to gain control of FIDE.

Worldwide support creates panic

The dynamics of FIDE Forward to win the elections on 3d of October have been decisively reinforced from the declarations of support from the President of the Arab Chess Federation, Sheikh Saud Al I-Muallah and the President of  ASEAN Chess Confederation, Prospero Pichay. This fact has caused a new wave of pressure and financial offers towards the federations and the delegates since the Dvorkovich camp seems to be currently in a state of panic.

In the same time, supporters of Mr. Dvorkovich such as Silvio Danailov (obviously his support is not a coincidence) and the President of the Tunisian Chess Federation Mr. Tahar Battikh, hasted to attack towards every direction with defamatory tweets and letters. As expected, it was another desperate effort to downgrade the strong winning impression which was caused by these letters of support towards FIDE Forward.

In this “operation” of defaming our team, there have also been few “journalists” who reject to publish the replying letters of FIDE Forward to their slanderous articles and “friends” of chess – in the best case, totally misinformed – who attack in every possible way the delegates and the federations who are supporting us.

Nigel Short can’t resist!

Nevertheless, the biggest part of this demagogic work has been undertaken, many months now, from Nigel Short with tweets and posts. In the end, he was the one who did not manage to resist to the obviously tempting idea of cooperating with Arkady Dvorkovich.

Nigel Short knows of course, for the unprecedented political pressures of Russia towards our federations and the offers for “sponsorships” of hundreds of thousands of euros. However, he closes his eyes and he covers his ears so that he can serve Kremlin (with tweets, since he has almost no votes) 

From the large numbers of comments and tweets regarding Short’s decision to cooperate with Dvorkovich, everyone can understand that the majority of chess fans – even Nigel Short ex- supporters – wonder now how clean are the hands of the campaigning team “clean_hands4fide” and also, how empty!

Silence is not an answer

However, it seems very strange the fact that the members of Short’s ticket and their federations remain silent. Are they shocked by the decision of the head of their ticket and try to recover from this shock or they knew, the same way that we knew a long time now that Short was helping Dvorkovich?

We believe that it is high time that the USA, Poland, Finland, Nigeria, and New Zealand, which currently comprise the ticket of Nigel Short, should clarify their position.

Garry Kasparov, who probably is also shocked, had published the following tweet two months ago. It is obvious that despite his strong intuition, the great champion could not foresee his preferable candidate, Nigel Short, behind this picture. Or not?

Dignity Above Money!

FIDE Forward!