Legal proceedings and complaints to FIDE and IOC

Legal proceedings and complaints to FIDE and IOC

Legal proceedings and complaints to FIDE and IOC 752 411 FIDE Forward

As the FIDE election day on 3 October is approaching, our rivals have become increasingly aggressive in trying to “buy dreams” (sic) for FIDE delegates. Their hope is that by unethical means of “gifts” and fraudulent “sponsorships” they could cover the huge difference of more than 40 votes that we have today in our favor.

The most outrageous incidents, among many, have occurred recently when:

  • According to the written statement of Serbia’s former delegate, the Russian Embassy in Belgrade organized a meeting on 1 August and a few days later a specially structured “sponsorship” package of 220,000 euros was offered to the Serbian Chess Federation in order to change their delegate.

  • Around the same time, a leaked email of the Israeli Foreign Ministry to the local National Chess Federation says bluntly that the President of Russia asked the Prime Minister of Israel for support to Mr. Dvorkovich and in return Russia would support Israel’s candidacy to host the next championship”(!).

As “FIDE Forward” has already announced, such illegal incidents and practices will be dealt with swiftly and decisively:

  1. Mr. Makropoulos has submitted an official complaint to the FIDE Ethics Commission on 8 September with evidence regarding the actions of Mr. Dvorkovich, his team and the delegates and officials who have collaborated in attempts to influence the outcome of the elections via such questionable practices.

  1. Mr. Makropoulos and Mr. Pein have submitted jointly a formal letter to the Ethics and Compliance office of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne, on 11 September, informing the IOC of all the above.

  1. FIDE Forward” has requested its legal team to apply for the assistance of Interpol, the Swiss and Georgian authorities, in tracking down illegal transactions, the persons involved, and to provide all the evidence that we have gathered.

The vast majority of FIDE delegates are honest people who want fair and transparent elections. We know that many of them have received “offers” and unethical political pressure. We encourage them to come forward and inform FIDE officially of any such actions they know of.

With the help of all FIDE officials and delegates, we will do our best to ensure that the elections in Batumi will be held in the most transparent way. Democracy will be protected in FIDE!

Gens Una Sumus,

FIDE Forward!