Open Reply to Arkady Dvorkovich

Open Reply to Arkady Dvorkovich

Open Reply to Arkady Dvorkovich 690 460 FIDE Forward

Dear chess friends,

We were not surprised at all by the reply of our competitor for the FIDE Presidency, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, to the shocking revelations and outrageous pre-election methods documented by our legal team in the cases of Serbia and Israel.

Mr. Dvorkovich of course “refrains from delving into the details of the complaints”, as he himself admits, because he is in a very difficult position to explain how such methods , as the ones used in Serbia and Israel, are not in severe violation of almost all legal and ethical articles of FIDE’s Statutes, the IOC Charter and the Swiss Law.

Mr. Dvorkovich also claims that Mr. Makropoulos “was in charge for nearly all important decisions FIDE took in the last twenty years”. Does Mr. Dvorkovich imply that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the previous FIDE President nominated by Russia, was just a puppet? What will come next from Mr. Dvorkovich? Maybe that Mr. Makropoulos was the one ordering Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to visit Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Bashar Al-Assad in Syria?

The truth is that after the recent outrageous “Glen Stark” incident, which was an outright illegal attempt to fool FIDE and the chess community with fake candidates and fake companies, the whole team and all the dark practices of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s team are now represented by Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich.

Everybody in FIDE, and not only respectable lawyers, understand that Mr. Dvorkovich is using the cover words of unknown “corporate sponsors” or “commercial partners” to hide from media what is actually happening. This is why he is disturbed by the fact that we are exercising our full rights to expose all these unethical schemes. Mr. Dvorkovich has now understood that without being able to use such outrageous methods, the real influence of the team he is depending upon does not exceed 35-40 votes.

Although it might be annoying for our opponents, who are probably not used to being affected by Western law, in democracy there are legal procedures and consequences for unethical behavior. Instead of hiding behind childish excuses, empty promises and cover-up phrases, Mr. Dvorkovich should publicly address and provide answers on what happened the previous month in Serbia and Israel.

We are also confident that now, after exposing the full legal implications of the cases In Serbia and Israel, delegates from other countries where unethical interference was also attempted, will feel encouraged to present their cases openly.

FIDE Forward!

Dignity Above Money